Knowledge, emotion, experiences, new challenges…


All that and much more is included in your Advanced Adventure course, and of course not, you dont need to be “advanced” to join it. The course has been designed for make it enjoyable right after your Open Water Course.

Advanced Adventure


The advanced adventurer doesnt include classroom or books, either an exam, so get ready your fins because the adventure starts now!

During the course you will have unlimited free water and delicious local food with fresh fruit between dives, our crew is never hangry!

The course includes 5 adventures dives, and after you safely and successfully accomplish them , you will become an Advanced Adventure Diver! The most popular adventures to enjoy in the park of Komodo are :

  • Waves , Tides and Currents: When you feel the sensation of flying underwater. You will learn proper technics to detect and dive the currents with safety as a main thing but as well with lots of fun
  • Perfect buoyancy: Because we want to respect and conserve the oceans and the frágil aquatic life, as well you will improve your air consumption and confidence.
  • Deep Dive: Your current depth limit will be increased until 30 metres with total safety and knowledge. The first deep dive will be under the company and supervision of our best dive instructors.
  • Shark Diving: Live the fascination of the shark’s world in an unforgettable trip. You will learn proper technics for encounters all about the sharks environment and behaviours.
  • Night & Limited Visibility: One of the most beautiful spectacles to enjoy in the water of Komodo.

                   *Night dive will be limited to live a boards, write us to book your trip!

Minimum age to join the adventure Deep Dive and Waves, Tides and currents is 12 years old. Contact us to know more about other adventures and become an Advanced Adventure Diver!

Would you love to live this experience in one of our amazing live a boards and spend 3 days surrounded by the beauty of Komodo? Check the discounts just for you!


                            Advanced Adventure