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Enjoy the beauty of Komodo!!

Day trips in Komodo

Besides the dragons, Komodo is known as one of the best destinations in whole world for enjoy diving and snorkelling. Thats because the great coral formations allows to live and grow all marine life that you can imagine, from small nudibranchs until majestic manta rays… Komodo has all you need!

The great biodiversity of the park is totally protected by Indonesian law, completely forbidding the fishing boats or fishing of any kind, as well as buildings or any elements that disturb the quiet and peacefulness that is the natural beauty of Komodo.

Aboard our Komodo day trip you will enjoy the water activities, the most popular being Snorkeling and Diving, and depending of your certification and experience, you could dive in spots as Batu Bolong, Crystal Rock o Castle Rock, where the currents are famous for being strong and fast but where you will see big schools of all kinds of fish including giant trevallys and sharks!

If you are less experience diver, dont worry! We have many plans for you, because in Komodo we have more than 30 dive sites where you could find the famous manta rays, turtles, beautiful multicolor reefs… and an endless variety of marine life that we cant explain, you will have to join us!

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Komodo day trip
What to expect

In our Komodo day trip we offer an unforgettable time with:

  • 2 dives
  • 3 dives

We will meet every day at 7.00 AM and we will back around 5.00 PM, depending of the program of that day.

If still you aren’t a diver, don’t worry! You are super welcome to enjoy this day with us, we wanna join you during this new adventure, either with your try scuba diving or being relaxed at the surface while snorkelling.

Komodo day trip
What includes

Our Komodo day trip include the best crew with best vibes in all Labuan Bajo plus:

  • Unlimited FREE water: We want you to be hydrated’
  • Coffee, Tea and Milo: Because sometimes we need something else to wake up…
  • Snacks and Fresh fruit: You never will be hangry between dives!
  • Lunch: Let the local tastes conquer your palate! ( we have vegan option, let us know before! Are you suffering any allergy? Let us know as well)
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If you are ready to come, contact us to book your trip and avoid missing out during peak season. If you are not ready yet, message us with your questions and we will sort everything for you!