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Dive in Komodo

Komodo National Park is becoming one of the most visited dive destinations in Southeast Asia and even the world.

The Park is known for being the place where the Komodo dragons (Varanus Komodoensis) inhabit, but they are not the only wonderful creatures that you will find in it. But to be able to discover these you will have to submerge yourself in its crystalline tropical waters and to do this you will must know a bit more about the park and what is dive in Komodo.

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The Park.

Is formed by 29 islands of volcanic origin being the most known Komodo, Rinca and Padar. Being the first two famous because is where the Komodo dragons inhabit, being Rinca where is easier to see them. And Padar is famous for the amazing views of the park.

Was founded in 1980 to protect the dragons, but they are not the only wonders of the park. Islands with paradisiac beaches, crystalline waters and a biodiversity that have made it declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1991. And on November 11, 2011 was declared one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

Labuan Bajo, western city of Flores Island, is the port of entry to the park and from where all tours, day trips and lives a board leave. There are many types of tours that take you to the park, which can be one-day tours and even overnight in it. But the best way to discover both, land and under water are the day trips and lives a board. Dive in Komodo will be an experience you will never forget!!

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What is dive in Komodo?

Dive in Komodo as we have said will be an experience you will not forget, but you have to know many things about what is dive here.

Dive in the park is famous because the currents. And this is because is between two oceans, Indian and Pacific. And the tides that occur in these generate currents that can be from soft to strong! So depending on the time of day the diving procedures can be very different. And this makes many of the dive sites just for experienced divers as they are two of the most famous spots Crystal Rock and Castle Rock where currents can be treacherous and you have to have a minimum of dives to go and be an Advanced diver or at least have the deep adventure that will give you the knowledge of the procedures to perform in deep dives in case the current takes you to them.

But Komodo is not just a place for experienced divers, the park have more than 30 dive sites, some of which you can only get with a live a board. And among all these there is a great variety of dives for all levels and is the best place to start to dive with currents in an easy and safe way. In the park there are many drift dives, which is to flow with the current, you do not have to fight against it. All you have to do is let yourself go and enjoy the wonders that Komodo offer us beneath the surface. And exist of all the levels and where the life is very abundant, because the current brings with it rich nutrients.

Other reasons why diving in komodo is famous is because it is one of the destinations where you can enjoy diving with Reef Manta Ray (Manta Aflredi). You can see Mantas at almost all the dive sites in the park, but there are two where the chance are higher. And these are Makaser Reef (Manta Point) and Mauan (Manta Island), and this is because there are many cleaning stations, but if you want to know more you can read our entry “The Queens of the Ocean”.

We just want to encourage you to join Ihasia in your Adventure in the Komodo National Park, we assure you that you will never forget what is to dive in Komodo !!!!!!

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