Manta Point, dive sites in Komodo.

Manta Point
Manta Point Makassar Reef or better known as Manta point. It is known as Manta Point because it is the point where we have the best chances to see Manta Ray. It is one of the biggest dive sites in the Komodo National Park. Its name translated from the local language of Flores means the

Siaba Besar, dive sites in Komodo

Siaba Besar
Siaba Besar Siaba Besar gets its name from the island where it is located. Being Siaba the name of the island and Besar means “Big” in Indonesian. The Big Siaba would be his translation. The island of Siaba Besar is located in the central part of the Komodo National Park and dive site is located

Batu Bolong, dive sites in Komodo

Batu Bolong
Batu Bolong What to say about Batu Bolong, it is one of the most famous dive spots in Komodo National Park Batu Bolong is that dive spot that all divers who come to Komodo don’t mind if they have to repeat it TOPOGRAPHY It’s formed by a pinnacle whose upper part comes to the surface