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Ihasia Diving Komodo

Diving in Komodo

The National Park of Komodo is one of the best destinations for diving in the Asiatic south east and Top Ten Worldwide. That’s thanks to the great biodiversity that you can find in there waters, but Komodo is not only about this, as well is famous because the currents, and we will help you to get initiated by the hand of the best professionals and always with safety and fun. Not only we will organise the dive groups by same level of certification, but as well by the experience of every single person, and depending of that, we will sort the dives and the trips based in a proper way of the abilities and training of every diver. Because for the professionals of IHASIA there is no fun without SAFETY.

Make the experience of diving in Komodo unforgettable!!

Komodo in one day

Day trips

In our day trips you can enjoy what it is to dive in the crystal clear waters that Komodo offers us. In our trips we include breakfast, lunch and everything you need on the boat !! Join our adventure and benefit from our discounts for multiple days. Contact us and we’ll tell you everything! What are you waiting for!!

Pirate Life


The Liveaboard is the best way to get to know Indonesia in all its essence. Get up surrounded by nature in its pure state and minutes later be submerged in its wonderful waters. Take a look to our boat and join our adventure in Komodo or Raja Ampat. It will be an experience you will not forget!!

Become a diver


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Get started in the diving world

Requirements : 10 Years


Duration : 1 day 2 or 3 dives


Prices : 2.2 millon / 2.5 million IDR

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Take the first step

Requirementes : 10 Years


Duration : 3 days


Prices : 6.000.000 IDR

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Improve your skills

Requirements : OW & 10 years


Duration : 2 days


Prices : 5.500.000 IDR

Do you want to know what it feels like to dive with the IHASIA family?

We are a diving school and we believe in the training of our students. We believe that in order to teach well we must be focused on the student, and that is why we always put their needs above our own. For the team of Ihasia Diving Komodo the best way to learn is with practice, and our philosophy is to never move on to the next level of training until you are ready.