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The adventure start here

Join our Komodo Liveaboard

If you have ever imagined a true paradise where you can disconnect from the world, surely Komodo National Park will approach enough to this definition.


Komodo Liveaboard.

The boat is 25 m long by 5.5 m wide. With capacity for 10 people in 3 rooms. 2 private double rooms and one dorm with 6 single bunk beds. 3 shared showers & 2 toilets with fresh running water. The second floor consists of a fully open deck where you can chill and relax in our mattres. On the front of the first floor we have our open dininig room where you will share all the meals with a great views of the park.

The staff is fully trained for any emergency. As for the Ihasia team the most important thing is the safety of our divers.

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Komodo liveaboard
  • Delicious meals and snacks (4 per day).
  • Drinking water, tea and coffe.
  • Dive equipment.
  • Basic Toiletries.
Komodo liveaboard
Not include
  • Daily marine park fee.
  • Dive computer.
  • Soft drinks & alcoholic beverages.
  • Diving insurance.
  • Refresher or diving courses (inquire for prices and availability).
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Duration and what to expect from our Komodo Liveaboard.


The duration of our trip will be “4 & 5 days in which you will not only dive! But if you want to be more days just ask us, we can even extend to 6 or 7 days. Our philosophy is to try to have the less impact on the environment and being only 10 divers and not more than 4 per guide we can take care to your need as well as reduce our impact on dive sites.

In our Komodo Liveaboard not everything will be diving. We will also make land visits to stretch our legs and enjoy a short walk to see the wonderful views that the park’s viewpoint offers us, or a visit to the famous Komodo Dragons.

From Ihasia we invite you to check our dates and join our ADVENTURE !!!!


Dates Komodo Liveaboard 2020


Month Duration Dates
March 4D/3N 1st to 4th
4D/3N 6th to 9th
5D/4N 11th to 15th
4D/3N 17th to 20th
4D/3N 22th to 25th
April 4D/3N 2nd to 5th
4D/3N 7th to 10th
5D/4N 12th to 16th
4D/3N 18th to 21st
4D/3N 23rd to 26th
May 5D/4N 28th to 2nd
4D/3N 4rd to 7th
4D/3N 9th to 12th
5D/4N 14th to 18th
4D/3N 20th to 23rd
4D/3N 25th to 28th
June 5D/4N 30th to 3rd
4D/3N 5th to 8th
4D/3N 10th to 13th
5D/4N 15th to 19th
4D/3N 21st to 24th
4D/3N 26th to 29th
July 5D/4N 1st to 5th
4D/3N 7th to 10th
4D/3N 12th to 15th
5D/4N 17th to 21st
4D/3N 23rd to 26th
4D/3N 28th to 31st
August 5D/4N 2nd to 6th
4D/3N 8th to 11th
4D/3N 13th to 16th
5D/4N 18th to 22nd
4D/3N 24th to 27th
September 4D/3N 29th to 1st
5D/4N 3rd to 7th
4D/3N 9th to 12th
4D/3N 14th to 17th
5D/4N 19th to 23rd
4D/3N 25th to 28th
October 4D/3N 30th to 3rd
5D/4N 5th to 9th
4D/3N 11th to 14th
4D/3N 16th to 19th
5D/4N 21th to 25th
4D/3N 27th to 30th
November 4D/3N 1st to 4th
5D/4N 6th to 10th
4D/3N 12th to 15th
4D/3N 17th to 20th
5D/4N 22nd to 26th
4D/3N 28th to 1st
December 4D/3N 3rd to 6th
5D/4N 8th to 12th
4D/3N 14th to 17th
4D/3N 19th to 22nd
5D/4N 24th to 28th