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By public ferry

How to get to Labuan Bajo

In a previous post we talked about the ways to reach Labuan Bajo by public ferry from Bali, Lombok and Gili Islands.

This post is to clarify the existing information of the trip to Lbuan Bajo by public Ferry. This trip is a combination between ferry and bus. The route we describe is from Padang Bay to Labuan Bajo itself, but you can join this trip at any of the points along the route, so we also break down the prices of each trip

Padang Bay – Lembar (Lombok)

From Padang Bay there is a public ferry that takes you to Lembar and departs every day. But it doesn’t have a fixed departure times. But this won’t be a problem, since it operates 24 hours a day and with a frequency of 1 hour between them. So won’t be difficult to find a place on it.

It can only be affected by weather conditions.

Price of the journey 46.000 IDR

Lembar – Mataram Mandalika (Bus station)

Once in Lembar you have to take a transport that takes you to the Mataram bus station. For this there are two options and with both will take you about 40 minutes to arrive at the station.

  • Option 1 – Mini Van – Price 30.000 IDR
  • Option 2 – Mini Bus – Price 20.000 IDR

Mataram — Bima

At 3pm every day depart the bus that takes you to Bima in Sumbawa. The journey lasts approximately 13h, and on this journey the bus gets on the ferry to cross from Lombok to Sumbawa and then continue its journey to Bima.

The price of the trip is 200,000 IDR, but if you go to Labuan Bajo you can pay it full and it goes to 350,000 IDR. But for this last option you have to do it with the bus driver directly.

Bima – Sape

Just off the bus you will be waiting for the next bus waiting for you to take you to Sape and it will take you an hour and a half to get to Sape.

Sape – Labuan Bajo

This is the last step of our journey. Once in Sape we’ll take a ferry that will take us straight to our destination, Labuan Bajo. This will take us 6 or 7 hours and depart every day at 9 am.

Price of the journey 60.000 IDR

TOTAL PRICE FROM BALI : 400.000 IDR (25 euros)

We want to thank from here our friend of “El mundo tras mi cristal” for the info.

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