If you always had love to life new adventures or just to admire the wonderful underwater world, here is where all begin! The first step to a new life-style that is the adventure of diving!!


Open WaterThe open water course is your first certification that you will need to become a certified scuba diver.

The best part of the course is all of it! Because learning how to dive is amazing. Breathing underwater is something else. We promise it is something that you will never forget, and you will be learning all the skills to become a safe and confident diver. You will learn as a front-row viewer of an incredible world full of life. At IHASIA Diving Komodo we will have your back, teaching you how to enjoy, conserve and respect the amazing underwater world.

During this course you will have at least 5 confined water sessions, could be in a Paradise beach or in a quiet pool. After that you will be ready to enjoy at least 4 dives inside the National park of Komodo under the constant supervision of our professionals.

You will learn how funopen water it is to dive. You will plan real dives, and you will be ready to prevent and manage every situation that could show up all while being safe and having a amazing time.

We will take care of your hydration and your energy, because during your course you will have free unlimited fresh water, as well coffee, tea, fresh fruits and a lunch of tasty local food such as nasi goreng (choose your veggie option or let us know if you have any allergy, because we also have delicious options for you)

The course includes all the materials, scuba gear, long wetsuit and your Open Water Diver certification that will allow you to dive to 18 metres always with the company of your best buddy.

The final certification will depend on your effort and goals. We want whats best for you to become a great diver because a great diver can never be safe enough or knowledgeable enough, thats why you we need you to put all your effort into accomplishing it. We will be here to help train you as a fun and conservative diver, but you are the only one that can make the giant step to gain your certification.

The minimum age for this program is 10 years old (divers from 10-14 will be certified as a Junior Open Water Diver ) If you are under 10, or you are mum or dad and would love to know more about diving with kids, don’t hesitate to message us! The family that dives together, stays together!