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The Qeens of the ocean

Reef Manta Ray, Would you like to dive with them?

Do you want to experience the feelings of diving with one of the most beautiful creatures of our oceans, the Reef Manta Ray?

The Reef Manta Ray (Manta Alfredi) are found most frequently in the Indian and South Pacific Oceans, making the Komodo Natural Park one of the diving destinations in the world where you will have the possibility to dive with the queens of the ocean . They get their scientific name in honor of Prince Alfred of England who was the victim of an assassination attempt in Clondarf (Australia).

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Manta Point

The Reef Manta Ray are pelagic animals and feed by filtering the water in order to capture their favorite food “The Zooplankton“. The longevity of these is a minimum of 50 years.

The Reef Manta Ray are ovoviviparous animals. Once the mating has taken place the fertilized eggs develop inside the female’s oviduct. During this period the embryos are enclosed in an egg case and feed on the egg yolk. After the egg hatches the pup remains in the oviduct feeding on a milky discharge. Lacking placenta the breeding is based on buccal pumping to obtain oxygen. The number of embryos is usually one but sometimes two embryos develop at the same time. The mother gives birth in waters near the coast and the size of the pup is approximately 1.4m and 9kg. Staying in shallow water during the first few years of growth.

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Did you know that with a small gesture we can help with its conservation?

There are web pages dedicated to their monitoring and conservation and we can help them. Mantas like us have unique fingerprints, made up of the spots they have on their bellies. The website is dedicated to collecting photos of this fingerprints, so that they can follow up on different populations and examine the Reef Manta Ray migratory patterns all over the world. We can all contribute to this project in a very simple way. Mantamatcher works as a database where you can upload the photo of the belly of the Manta and data of your encounter to facilitate its follow-up and the appearance of new individuals. Take a look at the web !!!

In the Natural Park of Komodo we have a diving sites where there are many chances of dive with Reef Manta Ray, such as Makaser Reef (Manta Point) and Mauan (Manta Island), but they are not the only ones. Join our daily trips or lives a board to discover the sensations of diving with these wonderful creatures.

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