Improve your skills and become a confident diver with the rescue diver challenge!



The rescue diver course will increase your knowledge about how to prevent and manage problems if they occurs as well as improve your skills and mastery of being a great diver.

The divers say that this is the most challenging and demanding course, but all of them agree that this course is ALSO the most fun and exhilarating as well.

  • Self Rescue technics
  • Detect and manage the stress
  • Rescue panic divers
  • Rescue unconsciousness divers

During the course you will learn about yourself and as well your dive buddies, because you get the chance to treat emergency scenarios by yourself as the protagonist applying your recent knowledge and skills.

Trust your mother, she thinks you should become a Rescue diver, and you know it!

By the end of this rescue course you will be in the walk of honour of your buddies. “Don’t be afraid, Im a Rescue Diver trained in Ihasia Diving Komodo, please, let me help you with that weight”

Because learning by mistakes is not ideal in diving. Much better be trained by the best professionals, learn from real scenarios where the currents can accelerate all, that’s why Komodo is the best place in the world to become the best rescue diver.


* To join this course you need to have 12 years old or more, and at least 40 dives or be Advanced Adventure diver. If still you are Open Water with less than 40 dives, check our Advanced Adventure for more info!